Rage Broadheads Rage X-Treme 4-Blade - 100 Grain - 2 per Pack

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Enjoy the dependability of fixed blades and the accuracy and devastation of mechanical broadheads with the Rage® X-Treme 4 Blade Mechanical Broadhead. Ready to deliver massive entry and exit wounds and short heavy blood trails, the X-Treme 4 blade utilizes a 7/8” wide fixed cut on contact blade, as well as two 2.3” expandable blades for a total cutting surface of 3.1”. Shoot with confidence and shoot Rage® X-Treme 4 Blade Broadheads. FEATURES: X-Treme 4 Blade Mechanical Broadhead 4 blade hybrid design with both fixed and mechanical blades 7/8” wide cut on contact fixed blade for improving penetration 2.3” expandable .035” thick expandable blades for massive wound channels 3.1” total cutting diameter for massive blood loss and ethical shooting SHOCK collar blade retention system for effective blade retention and deployment Includes 2 broads per pack Weight: 100 Grain
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Size100 Grain
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