Quackhead J-Frame Combo w/DVD

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Quackhead J-Frame Combo w/DVD
Frank's Great Outdoors | RNT Calls Inc.

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The J-Frame Single reed was designed to be a versatile, easy blowing, wet blowing, nasty, "duck-on-a-stick" duck call. The advantage of the single reed is its versatility.  Loud raspy quacks, soft nasally quacks, or Arkansas style hail calls can all be done with this call.  Open water or flooded timber, this call will flat get with it.

We have packaged our most popular and most versatile duck call model, the J-frame with a lanyard, and QuackHead's very own duck calling instructional CD, to bring to you an all in one duck calling instructional package. This is a great way to get started in the world of duck calling.  This is, the beginning.