Poultry Pal

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Poultry Pal
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There is a better way to prepare beer can chicken! With those words, Poultry Pal was hatched. Poultry Pal takes cooking poultry to a new culinary level, eliminating tipsy and toxic aluminum cans. The result is the HEALTHIEST, TASTIEST and JUICIEST chicken and turkey you'll ever experience. High protein, low carb, Atkins and South Beach dieters will love the delicious results that impress even the most discerning palates. So good it's patented! Poultry cooked on the Poultry Pal is low fat, yet never dry. The unique infusion process flavors the meat without the need for time-consuming basting. Simply put the Poultry Pal with bird in your oven or on your grill and you don't need to check it again until it is done! Poultry Pal is non-stick for easy clean up! The only limit to a Poultry Pal bird is your imagination. Just pour your favorite flavor of liquid libation into the Flavor Base, put your seasoned bird on the Infusion Tower and get ready for a delectable treat the whole family will love! It simply IS the best beer chicken cooker around! Barbequed chicken is a snap! Experimenting with different flavor combinations is fun! Better than a beer can (a.k.a. beer butt chicken), you really have to work hard to make poultry NOT taste scrumptious on a Poultry Pal. Cooking with Poultry Pal is simple, healthy and the end result is great-tasting! You know you want a Poultry Pal! So order one NOW.