Okuma Inspira 30 Reel

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Okuma Inspira 30 Reel
Frank's Great Outdoors | Okuma

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Okuma Inspira Spinning Reels deliver premium performance at a price that won't break the bank! Featuring Okuma's Torsion Control Armor Design, these reels are extremely lightweight and rigid, thereby reducing torque and keeping all internal parts perfectly aligned. Okuma Inspira Spinning Reels also come equipped with Okuma's Cyclonic Flow Rotor design, which creates an airflow that significantly increases through the ported rotor, allowing for a much shorter drying time if the reel becomes wet. With a centrifugal disc bail, these reels are surely not skimping on strength. Lightweight, smooth, and powerful, Okuma Inspira Spinning Reels are sure to not disappoint!