NRS Deck Rigging Kit

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NRS Deck Rigging Kit
Frank's Great Outdoors | NRS

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Whether you are building your own masterpiece or just re-outfitting an old kayak, the NRS Deck Rigging Kit has everything you need to add rigging to your kayak or canoe. Its perfect for lashing down deck bags, securing water bottles and any other necessity you want to keep close at hand.

* Easy to install kit includes 24' of 1/4" bungee, 14 nylon lacing eyelets, and 28 bolts and rubber-coated well nuts.

* Rounded lacing eyelets are nice looking and cut down on abrasion on your rigging.

* Stainless bolts and rubber coated well nuts protect against rust and damage. These are intended to be mounted on the deck of a kayak. For securing float bags in an open canoe, use the Screw Mounted Tie-Down Kit, Item # 2095.

* Easy to use instructions for installation included with the Deck Rigging Kit.