Nova Tackle

Nova Tackle
The Nova Chrome Rod Series evolved in 2018 while having a conversation with Craig Lewis, the owner of Erie Outfitters. Craig and his longtime friend Gary Schaffer, who worked for G. Loomis, had designed a 13ft 6-10lb centerpin float rod. The plans to build rods under Reign Rod Company never made it to market. Craig and I discussed the project and the possibility of bringing his blank back to life. I contacted Brad Loomis, who is the blank builder, and together we collaborated on what Craig and Gary started years ago. The original 1562 blank design was based off the Loren Greene blanks that G. Loomis Canada manufactured. The blank sections are interchangeable with the old G. Loomis IMX tip and butt sections as well. I ordered a small run of blanks, where myself and a few close friends fished them for about 8 months. The quality of these blanks and their performance against Michigan and Washington Steelhead exceeded our expectations. The decision to bring Craig and Gary’s project to the marketplace was made. Together, Brad Loomis and I have developed a series of USA made Nova Chrome Rods. Our Nova Chrome series includes the following rods.
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