Northland Live-Forage Weedless Spoon

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Northland Live-Forage Weedless Spoon
Frank's Great Outdoors | Northland Tackle

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The LIVE-FORAGE WEEDLESS SPOON is a new ReplicaSeries of minnow imitating weedless spoons designed to extract Big Bass, Rowdy Redfish and Giant Pike from heavy weeds and matted grass! Stamped from solid brass, it features a premium Mustad Ultra-Point hook and totally weedless plastic Y weedguard that slithers thru the thickest matted cover. Like a live baitfish, it features a sparkling holographic FlashFoil body with Live-Forage HD Fish-Photo-Image patterns that atch-the-hatch to clone & replicate a baitfish minnow to perfection!