Mustad Lure Ryder Double Assist Hook - Size 8 - 4 Pack

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Mustad LR-3674-BN Lure Ryder Double Assist Hook is the ultimate solution when dealing with short striking fish. These stinger hooks are designed to be tied to your main hook eye or hook shank with a small section of leader material and mounted with the single reversed keeper hook towards the tail end of your bait. The hook is then attached to the lure with the bottom hook facing backwards inside the bait, and the double hook points exposed above them. When a fish bites and becomes hooked, the Lure Ryder Double Assist Hook then breaks away from the bait while still connected to the main hook, allowing you to land the fish. These assist hooks are great for use with large soft plastic lures or swimbaits when weary fish are simply nipping at the bait's tail.
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