Moor Electronics Sub-Troll 900

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Moor Electronics Sub-Troll 900
Manufacturer: Moor Electronics

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The ST-900 consists of only three interacting parts. The display readout, the antenna, and the sending unit. The sending unit attaches to the downrigger cable and transmits a signal to the antenna mounted on the downrigger boom. From the antenna the signal is sent to the display through a cable. There is no physical contact between the sending unit and the display readout. The readout may be installed up to 25 feet from the downrigger.

The ST-900 is the only system available that does not require transducers or grounding rods. Because the ST-900 uses a radio signal for the transmission of information, you eliminate bothersome problems associated with sonar type systems. The 9-volt battery will last up to a full season and, no interference with sonar or other electronics on the boat (see note below). But most important, a constant reading on the display, even in choppy lake conditions.

The ST-900 underwater sending unit automatically turns its transmitter off when removed from the water. This insures that the 9-volt battery will remain ready for your next fishing trip. While trolling after dark, the ST-900 Illuminating displays make easy work of controlling the speed and temperature. The ST-900 display requires 12 volts to operate.

Moor has been a leader in trolling Instruments for over 27 years
The Sub-Troll 900 has 20 years proven "in the field" reliability.
Many companies have sold Sub-Troll style units, only to go out of business a few years later leaving customers with no support.
Reads to depths of 200ft.
No Transducer Required
Easy to read at a glance dial.
Easy to install, mounts on any downrigger.
Highly visible speed display
Several mounting methods of display readout.
Paddle wheel specifically designed for slow speed, more than double the blade size of competitors.
Fast temperature response time (2X faster when compared to competitors unit).
Probe "O" ring seal designed to hold out 1500psi
Automatic on/off when unit enters the water.
Battery life in probe 160 hours.