Moonshine Lures Walleye & Salmon Trolling Spoons

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The Moonshine Walleye & Salmon Trolling Spoons represent the pinnacle of quality in trolling spoons. All crafted in the U.S.A., these spoons are recognized for their exceptional glowing properties and durability. Each spoon is 3 inches in length and features a hammered copper back that enhances the reflective qualities, particularly under UV light.

The collection is distinct for its use of Moonshine's high-quality Super-Glow paints, ensuring visibility in low light waters and making them ideal for both day and twilight fishing. Not only do these spoons glow after exposure to natural or UV light, but their UV reflective colors are designed to stand out in all fishing conditions—from deep, stained waters to full daylight scenarios.

Each spoon is sold individually and is designed with eye-popping colors and patterns proven to attract walleye, trout, salmon, steelhead, pike, muskie, and striper. The Moonshine RV Series Spoon goes a step further with a realistic wiggle action that triggers aggressive bites from various predatory species.

Note that while the spoons glow under UV light and have impressive visibility at night, they do not glow in total darkness. Images of these lures typically show how they appear under regular and UV light to highlight their dual-effectiveness in various lighting conditions.


  • Product Lines: Includes Moonshine Walleye Spoon, Moonshine RV Walleye Spoon, Moonshine Lures Trolling Spoons, and Moonshine Lures RV Series Trolling Spoon.
  • Made in the U.S.A.: Each spoon is crafted with precision and quality in the United States.
  • Size: 3 Inches for Walleye, 4 Inches for Standard, 5 Inches for Magnum
  • Material: Each features a hammered copper back that enhances UV reflection.
  • Visibility: Utilizes Moonshine's high-quality Super-Glow paints for visibility in low-light waters, perfect for day and twilight fishing.
  • Dual Light Performance: Spoons glow under UV light and are highly visible in daylight; they do not glow in complete darkness.
  • Color and Patterns: Each spoon is hand-painted with vibrant, eye-catching colors and patterns proven to attract fish.
  • Species Targeted: Ideal for catching walleye, salmon, trout, pike, muskie, and striper.
  • Special Features:
    • Moonshine RV Series Spoon: Offers a realistic wiggle action to trigger bites.
    • Moonshine Lures Trolling Spoons: Can be effectively used both at night and during the day, suitable for deep and stained water conditions.
  • Packaging: Each spoon is available individually packed.
  • Note on Usage: Images typically demonstrate the lure's appearance under regular and UV light to showcase its effectiveness in various environments.
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