Moonshine Lures 3/4 oz. Ice Jig Spoon

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Moonshine Lures 3/4 oz. Ice Jig Spoon

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Every lure is hand painted and inspected to ensure that quality is never compromised. These lures have excellent adhesion and will take a lot of abuse. The backs of each spoon are individually cleaned and polished to maintain a high luster. These super glow lures are a breed apart from the glow lures of the past. They glow much brighter in different colors. They can be recharged for decades and will not darken or lose their glow qualities in sunlight. In fact, sunlight is the best charger around due to the pigment used that is charged by UV light. Other good chargers include spotlights, maglites, running lights, or any other source utilizing halogen light. The pigments used are non-radioactive and non-toxic. Please note that any spoon containing the orange glow pigment should not be left in the sun as it contains a certain level of zinc sulfide