Matzuo Sickle Shockwave 1/16oz.

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Matzuo Sickle Shockwave 1/16oz.

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Trolled slowly in still waters or steadily retrieved in streams, the spinning blade has proven deadly for over a century. Matzuo's Sickle Shockwave takes the spinner to new heights of effectiveness... lifelike baitfish shaped bodies, matching holographic blades and Sickle Treble Hooks dressed with Marabou and Flashabou. Smaller sizes perfect for trout, panfish and small streams while larger sizes ideal for Bass, Walleye, Pike, Steelhead, Salmon and other gamefish.

Featuring 3-D eyes and highly reflective prism. French style easy-spin nickel plated brass blades provide optimum weight and maximum vibration. Hand tied attractor tail with quality Matzuo Sickle Treble Hook.