MarCum Showdown 5.6 Dual Beam Digital Sonar System

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MarCum Showdown 5.6 Dual Beam Digital Sonar System
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- Higher contrast display produces better resolution
- Dual Beam 8/20 Degree Transducer
- 8,000-watts Peak-to-Peak Power
- 1/2-inch Target Separation
- Auto Bottom Lock Zoom adjusts to the bottom 25% of the water column
- Moveable Zoom Infinitely adjustable, anywhere in the water column
- 10 levels of Interference Rejection
- Surface clutter elimination
- 25 Sensitivity settings
- 240-foot Range with Auto Depth Scale function
- Daylight Viewable Backlit Display
- Ice-Mode activates Internal Heater to aid LCD in extreme conditions
- No moving parts - Maximizes run-time between charges
- Soft Pack, Rechargeable Battery and Battery Charger included
- 12-volt 9-amp Battery included
- Made in the USA with US and imported parts