Mack's Lure

Mack's Lure
A Sparkly Lure Anglers Called Wedding Ring The history of Mack's Lure is inextricably linked to the entrepreneurial spirit of Vern McPherson, its founder. The story begins in a small grocery store where Vern sold a groundbreaking lure, aptly named the Wedding Ring for the Swarovski sparkly crystal beads featured in its center. McPherson's lure is world-famous among trout and kokanee fishermen, and is irresistible to walleye and other larger game fish as well. Anglers often say, "when nothing else is working, throw a Wedding Ring on it." From humble beginnings in a small town, an international brand was born. Humble Beginnings to International Brand THE HISTORY OF MACK'S LURE IS INEXTRICABLY LINKED TO THE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT OF VERN MCPHERSON, ITS FOUNDER 1969 The history of Mack's Lure begins in 1969, when Vern McPherson and his wife Edna began selling a new and innovative fishing lure from their family grocery store in Riggins, Idaho. It was there that a close friend of the McPherson's designed the very first lure Vern would offer fishermen -- the now world-famous Wedding Ring Spinner. As local fishermen became enthusiastic about this new lure, Vern began to dream of putting the Wedding Ring Spinner into the hands of more fishermen, Vern began traveling all over the Northwest stocking and re-stocking stores eager to carry his product for the fishermen who just as eagerly bought them out. In those early days, Vern, Edna and their son, Ray, manufactured all of the tackle produced by Mack's Lure with their own hands. Demand soon outpaced their small operation, but the McPherson's never lost sight of their commitment to faith, quality materials and neighborly service. The McPherson built Mack's Lure on the belief that quality, plus service equals satisfied customers. The McPherson's also believed that if they put the Lord first in all they did, the rest would fall into place. That philosophy is still very integral to Mack's Lure, even now as the company has grown from its humble beginnings. 2005 Mack's Lure relocated its corporate offices to beautiful Wenatchee, Washington, nestled on the shore of the Columbia River in the north central region of the Evergreen State, where it continued to produce innovative products coupled with outstanding customer service. The new location lent itself well to the commitment of Mack's Lure to extensively field-test each product line to ensure it is a proven fish catchers before they are brought to market. 2006 Mack's Lure was purchased from the McPhersons by Bob Schmidt when they retired. Mr. Schmidt had served the company as a Sales Manager, Vice President, and President for many years. Mr. Schmidt helped guide the company from a regional to the international brand it is today, with over 1,000 products in its catalog. Even as the company has grown over the years, and was sold, the McPherson family continued to be actively involved. 2016 Mack's Lure acquired Shasta Tackle, makers of custom trout, kokanee and salmon lures, including the popular CrippLure, Hum Dinger and Sling Blade. The purchase of Shasta Tackle Company, previously based in Redding, California, further increased Mack's Lure Inc's share in several fishing tackle markets, kokanee in particular. Present Day Today, the staff at Mack's Lure enjoys a family-oriented workplace where fishing is a passion. Our mission here at Mack's Lure is to pursue happiness in business. We do it by bringing to market quality products and supporting our customers with superior service. We look forward to helping you catch more fish.
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