Lindy Little Nipper - Pink - 1/64 oz

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Any time a finesse jig is needed, reach for a Lindy Little Nipper. Little Nipper feather-dressed jigs have been catching fish for generations, and its tough to improve on perfection. Three sizes, 1/64-, 1/32- and 1/16-ounce, are available in a variety of colors for walleyes, trout, steelhead, crappies, perch and other panfish. Tipped with a little live bait or just plain, you can rely on the Little Nipper. Nipper Fishing The first reason anglers pick a Little Nipper is because they catch fish, but running a close second is this tiny jig's durability. The feathers are first tied onto the jig, then the wrap is glued for double strength and long-lasting performance. The feathers add a bright splash of color to live bait presentations while continuously moving in the water to provide more action. Little Nippers come two to a pack. Little Nippers excel in colder water because the feathers aren't affected by water temperatures like soft plastics can be, and the feathers on this tidbit jig produce a different action than marabou. They certainly look alive to fish! While ice fishermen and those plying cold-water streams and rivers depend on Little Nippers to produce trophy fish, they're also effective any time a smaller finesse jig is needed. Try one during those post-front, bluebird-sky days when crappies sulk in deep water brush piles, or when you want to up the quality of bluegills you're catching. The Little Nipper also produces big trout from skinny water anywhere they live.
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