Lindy Fuzz-E-Grub - 1/4 oz.

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The most alluring fish-catching characteristics across the jig family come together in the popular Fuzz-E-Grub: a soft plastic grub-style body for a slippery life-like appearance and more aggressive strikes, a tantalizing ultra-flexible marabou tail that breathes on its own, and two-color painted eyes for an extra visual edge.

Fuzz-E-Grubs are very effective when fished plain, or tip them with a minnow, crawler, leech, or other favorite live bait. Seven Fuzz-E-Grub sizes, from 1/16 oz to 3/8 oz, provide versatile jigging magic for the full spectrum of game fish, from crappies to pike. Bass and walleyes love 'em!

  • All-time classic fishing jig
  • Ultra-supple soft plastic grub body
  • Super-life-like marabou tail 
  • 2 jigs per package
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