Lasergrip Hard Polymer LCP

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Lasergrip Hard Polymer LCP
Frank's Great Outdoors | Crimson Trace

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Crimson Trace LG-431 Lasergrips are created to be an amazing tool for Ruger LCP owners in need of an efficient laser grip that won't let them down. This Laser Pistol Grip from Crimson Trace mounts directly onto the trigger guard and is positioned under the barrel or your Ruger pistol. The instinctive front-activation button on the Crimson Trace LG431 Ruger Laser Grip means shooters grab the Ruger handgun with their normal shooting grip and the laser sight will be instantly projected wherever the gun is aimed. This "instinctive activation" provides immediate feedback and gives shooters confidence their shots will hit their target. Crimson Trace LG431 Laser Grip fits the Ruger LCP handguns and were designed with self defense in mind. The added accuracy, higher target acquisition speed and extreme ease of use from the Crimson Trace Laser Weapon Grip LG431 for Ruger LCP will keep you firing on target.