Ideal Northern Edge Forage Radishes Food Plot Mix - 2.5 Lb

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Northern Edge Forage Radishes is an easy to establish annual forage for wildlife food plots that produces a tremendous amount of high protein forage and large edible roots for deer from late summer through mid to late winter. As with other brassicas, Northern Edge Forage Radishes will see increased feeding activity as cooler weather arrives in the fall due to increased sugars in the leaves and roots. These radishes are also efficient recyclers of minerals and other nutrients which benefit antler growth and overall health of the deer herd. Other benefits of Northern Edge Forage Radishes include enhanced soil tilth, increased soil organic matter, weed suppression, improved water infiltration and aeration. When the radishes start to decay in late winter, nutrients become readily available for use by the following food plot crop. Eco-Till Radish is a new Daikon type forage radish variety specifically developed for fall/winter cover crop applications. These radishes offer impressive benefits to the soil and the environment including the reduction of soil compaction, improved nutrient recycling, increased organic matter, enhancement of soil tilth and suppression of weeds, to name a few. A superior, deep penetrating taproot is one characteristic that separates Eco-till radishes from the competition. The thin, lower portion of the taproot can grow to a depth of six feet or more while the thick upper portion of the taproot can grow to a length of 24 inches. This taproot creates vertical holes in the soil profile that breaks up soil compaction and improves soil tilth. This process, known as “bio-building”, improves water infiltration, aeration and fertilizer efficiency for succeeding crops. Equally important is the ability of these radishes to take up nutrients from the soil profile to be stored in the tissues near the soil surface and make them readily available for use by the following crop.

  • 10 lb Per Acre
  • pH range 5.5-7.5
  • Seeding depth less maximum 1/2 inch
  • Dates most areas August 1st-September 1st
  • Limit to correct pH range based on soil test recommendation
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