Northland Tackle Buck-Shot® Rattle Spoon - 1/4 oz. - Gold Shiner

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The Buck-Shot® Rattle Spoon is deadly year-round for vertical jigging perch, walleye, trout, bass and pike. Jig aggressively in a lift-fall manner to call fish from a wide radius and make them strike. Tip with a minnow head, waxworms or IMPULSE Minnow Head and Perch Eye.
"The BUCK-SHOT RATTLE SPOON is the nosiest and most lifelike minnow imitating jigging spoon on the market today. It's molded from lead and features our deadly new "Buck-Shot" rattle shell that emits lifelike sound to attract fish and trigger them to strike. It's deadly for vertical jigging around weeds, rocks, brush and standing timber. It's also extremely effective for jigging through the ice for Walleye, Perch, Bass, Trout & Northern Pike! "The BUCK-SHOT RATTLE SPOON is the country's hottest minnow imitating jigging spoon! It features a noisy "Buck-Shot" Rattle Shell that thumps, ticks, clicks and clatters to emit "rattlin'" vibrations to lure fish and trigger strikes! A highly reflective and alluring "Holographic" Baitfish Image match-the-hatch" body fools 'em everytime! It rings the dinner bell and is lethal for Perch, Walleye, Bass, Trout & Northern Pike! FISHING TIPS: For best results, attach spoon to split ring, snap swivel or tie directly & place crane/ball-bearing swivel 12-24" above jig 'em, shake 'em, lift 'em...and thump 'em on the bottom! It rattles 'em up...and triggers 'em to strike!
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BrandNorthland Tackle
PatternGold Shiner
Size1/4 oz.
Lure Size1/4 oz.
Lure TypeSpoon
Lure # of Hooks3
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