North Shore Outfitters Bucket Carrier

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Saddle-Bag Style Bucket Carrier

This black rubber product is designed to carry two 5 or 6 gallon buckets on most makes & models of snowmobiles.

*buckets not included*

Maximum cargo weight, 50lbs (Evenly Distributed.)

Clips to attach the carrier to the running boards of your snowmobiles included.


Installation Instructions

Step 1: Place bucket carrier on seat, evenly distributed on both sides of the snowmobile. You should be seated on the bucket carrier when the snowmobile is in motion.

Step 2: Lay the bucket carrier flat on the running boards of the snowmobile. Use the clips provided, flat side down. The clip should pin the bucket carrier between the outside edge of the running board and clip. You need to clip both sides of the snowmobile.


Warning: failure to install and maintain clips may result in lost or damaged items.


Step 3: Insert the buckets into the carrier. Load your cargo into the buckets. Maximum cargo weight is 50lbs., evenly distributed.

Note: You can permanently attach the bucket carrier to your snowmobile by drilling a hole in the running board and bolting or screwing it securely.

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