Darton Archery RD100 XT Crossbow Hunter Package

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The Toxin RD100 XT features a trackless composite barrel design making it a lightweight at only 7.9 pounds. Using Darton’s Patented Bullpup forward trigger design to maximize its power stroke, combined with a short Over All Length of only 32-1/2”, you get a comfortable, better-balanced design with more performance for the discriminating bow hunter.

Because of its uniquely smooth power stroke, modest 165 pounds peak draw weight, and 16” power stroke most hunters will find this crossbow a breeze to cock, while still having the ability to launch a 400-grain arrow at 380 fps. The narrow A-A dimension at full draw and its short OAL allows the Toxin RD100 XT to be used in any blind. Shoot it and you will be impressed!

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