Hunter Safety System Rope-Style Tree Strap

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Hunter Safety System Rope-Style Tree Strap
Manufacturer: Hunter Safety System

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Anytime you can combine safety with ease of use, speed and silence while in a treestand, you've upped your chances at taking that big buck. Hunter Safety System's new Rope-Style Tree Strap makes attaching your harness to the tree as quick, quiet and easy as it can get. Need a bit more room to get away from the tree? No problem here. The HSS Rope Style Tree Strap allows the hunter the ability to adjust the distance he/she needs to be away from the tree to maintain maximum safety and freedom of movement.

Product Information:
1. The Rope-Style Tree Strap is 8-feet in length
2. Attached Prussic Knot slides freely for fast adjustment
3. Locking carabineer is designed for ease of use.