Hornady 12 GA 300 gr FTX Custom Lite

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Hornady 12 GA 300 gr FTX Custom Lite
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The 12 gauge Custom Lite Shotgun Slug is a reduced recoil option that is ideal for youngsters, women or anyone looking to tame the recoil of their favorite rifled barrel slug gun.

Although extremely effective, 12 gauge slugs deliver a fair amount of recoil - now, hunters have an alternative with the 12 gauge Custom Lite Shotgun Slug that features almost 40% less felt recoil in comparison to standard 12 gauge slug options.

Loaded with the same 300 grain FTX projectile used in the original SST Shotgun Slug, the Custom Lite leaves the muzzle at 1,575 fps, but is a mild recoiling, yet highly effective load capable of taking the largest Midwest whitetail out to 150 yards!

Reduced recoil option for ALL shooters
300 grain FTX bullet
Flex Tip technology for enhanced terminal performance
Effective deer hunting load out to 150 yards

Item Number: 86230
Weight: 0.50 lbs
Ballistic Coefficient (G1): .200
Sectional Density: .171
Quantity: 5/BX