Hayes Calls

Hayes Calls
Bob Hayes is the founder and creator of Hayes Calls. Bob started hunting at the age of 13. He started out hunting rabbits after school and would give the meat to families who couldn’t afford food. He hogged turtles and sold them so he could buy sporting equipment that he needed to hunt. Around the age of 15 he started duck hunting. Between him and a friend he says they killed about 30 ducks a day. He sold the whole ducks (after picking them) for $1 each. Waterfowl quickly became his passion. Using the money he made from selling ducks he bought his first Lohman duck call and immediately tore it apart to see how it was made. A neighbor gave him a brace and a bit and he found a chair at the dump and used the legs to craft a barrel, the rungs to make a tone board. He went to the local blacksmith who gave him a shim that the used to make the reeds. Bob says it definitely wasn’t the best, but it called ducks! Bob got married and started a family and put his dreams of being a call maker on hold. In 1995 he retired and started to relive those dreams and crafting his own calls that he sold on e-bay and friends. He not only makes the calls, but still actively hunts anything he can. He has 68 years of hunting experience and is still going strong at the age of 78. To sum it up in Bob’s words “Anyone can blow a duck call, but you gotta know how to read the ducks. You have to know when to call, and when to shut up and put the call in your pocket!” Benny has been hunting since a young age. He simply loves the outdoors and preparing and cooking what he kills. He has 20 plus years of experience in CNC manufacturing. He loves creating and designing things and it has always been a dream of his to own his own manufacturing shop. Benny met Bob Hayes about 15 years ago and they decided to partner up and Benny began making calls for Bob out of his garage. In 2013 Bob decided to transfer ownership to Benny. He has since tried to take Hayes Calls to the next level. He goes to trade shows all over the US and loves meeting new people and interacting with them as well as teaching young kids how to blow calls. Benny really enjoys a little time off to spend with his family and taking the grandkids hunting and fishing and teaching them about the outdoors!
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