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After a long hot day nothing feels better than a cool, great smelling soap to clean you up.  Arctic Bar Soap is that manly, cool blast you need to feel invigorated and refreshed.  Sea Salt has been added as an exfoliant to give your skin that extra benefit. 

  • Fresh Manly Scent
  • Sea Salt Exfoliates
  • Cool as an Arctic Blast 
  • 5 oz 

Parky's Tip:  People who push limits work hard to achieve uncommon results.  Arctic Bar Soap cleans you up and cools you down in the shower.  If we had this soap back in the day we probably would have achieved more than we did.  Our loss is your gain so take advantage.



While you may think soap is soap, it's just not true.  Daredevil Bar Soap gives you a rich lather, in a mountain air scent, that leaves you feeling refreshed.  While ordinary bar soap drys out skin, our oils keep your skin hydrated while providing a deep clean.  We have never settled for average...neither should you!

  • Rich Later
  • Fresh Mountain Air Scent 
  • Hydrates Skin While Providing A Deep Clean
  • Oatmeal Exfoliant 
  • 5 oz

Parky's Tip:  If you're a customer of ours then you know what crisp mountain or outdoor air smells like.  Not everyone can travel to the mountains to get a sniff so we are bringing it to your shower, plus adding an exfoliant to give you added benefit. Your welcome!


Deep Sea

You can go buy some old-school nautical cologne like you did in high school or you can decide to use Gunners Supply Co. Deep Sea Bar Soap in the shower.  Inspired by the fresh waters of Lake Michigan this soap gives you the "summertime" feel all year long. 

  • Rich Lather
  • Lasting Hydration
  • Freshwater Scent
  • 5 oz.

Don't be fooled by cheap formulas.  Gunners Supply Co. only uses the best, time tested formulas that work!

A Word From Gus: It's proven that fish tastes better when you catch it yourself.  Back in the day we caught our dinner, sometimes with our bare hands.  The smell of freshwater, during the fall seasons, never left my mind so we had to bring it to your showers.  Be inspired to get outside and go on an adventure....just remember to follow the rules.



The nightlife soap!  Produced with a light woodsy scent which will make you more attractive, even if only in your own mind.  Mixed with sea salt and oatmeal to give you the benefit of a perfect exfoliant.  When you decide to hit the town Dusk is the scent you want with you. 

  • Light Woodsy Scent
  • Moisturizing Deep Clean
  • Sea Salt & Oatmeal Exfoliates
  • 5 oz.


Parky's Tip:  Nightlife for us was the bingo hall or local Moose Club.  Whenever we went out Dusk made us the best smelling guys no matter where we were.  Bring a fly swatter when you use this soap, people attract to the scent. 



Energizer Bar Soap provides a rich lather, in a citrus scent, that wakes up your senses and leaves you feeling fresh.  While ordinary bar soap drys out your skin, our oils keep your skin hydrated while providing a deep clean.  We have never settled for average...neither should you!

  • Rich Later
  • Citrus Scent
  • Hydrates Skin While Providing A Deep Clean
  • Oatmeal Exfoliant 
  • 5 oz

Parky's Tip:  We tackled 12 hour workdays and never had the benefits of a soap that invigorates your senses.  Energizer Soap gives you a fresh citrus rush that will give you the confidence to tackle any task or adventure the day brings.  Be fearless like our products and accomplish something great.



Let's face it, every man could use a little swag in their life.  In knowing this we created Swaggy Bar Soap which will give you the confidence to impress no matter the situation you find yourself in.  Made for the hard workers and go-getters that want their grooming products to add to their already impressive personalities.  

  • Perfect Lather and Amazing Musk Scent
  • Mix of Amber & Vanilla
  • Ground Oatmeal as an Exfoliant
  • 5 oz.

Gus Tip:  Although I admit I didn't have much swag, I knew what swag was.  It was obvious we needed to create a soap formula that gave men confidence...after all that's what swag is - undeniable confidence. 



Formulated for the Outdoorsman, Sportsman, and those with sensitive skin.  Our unscented soap cleans you up without leaving any trace of unwanted fragrance.  Perfect for the hunters, outdoorsman and fisherman.  Handle your equipment and lures with confidence.  

  • Deep & Moisturizing Clean
  • Only The Finest Ingredient
  • 5 oz.

A Tip From Gus:  As sportsmen we know the importance of an unscented soap.  When out hunting or fishing nothing scares away your family's dinner faster than unwanted scent.  Our formula will clean you up while hydrating your skin, without any unnatural smell.







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