Thompson's Candle Cupcake - 6 oz. Bag

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When you think of home decor, how often do you consider candles or wax melts? Probably not often enough! We want to make sure your home smells as good as it looks, which is why we offer these delicious smelling candle goods.
This candle is far from any ordinary candle. Aside from the amazing smell, it is shaped like a cupcake! They are scented with a strong, but pleasant fresh-baked cookie. They fill the room with a delicious smell, which makes it a favorite for using in-store. They also last for so long! Although this 6 oz cupcake may not seem like a lot, it burns for up to 40 hours! Lastly, these goodies are made in the USA! There is truly so much to love with these candles.
This gorgeous candle would make a great addition to any home, as well as a suitable gift for practically anyone in your life. When it comes to incorporating some tasty scents into your home, these are definitely our favorite choice. 
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BrandThompson's Candle Company
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