G5 Expert Pro Arrow Rest

G5 Expert Pro Arrow Rest
Manufacturer: G5

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Designed for advanced archers who are looking to super tune their setup, the Expert Pro connects on the upward buss cable, eliminating tension and avoiding the risk of pulling the bottom cam out of sync effecting the timing or let off. Reverse spring technology keeps the arrow up 5 times longer than traditional drop-away designs providing extended arrow guidance adding superior accuracy and improved arrow flights.

  • Sealed ball bearings for added durability and smooth performance

  • Attaches to upward buss cable improving cam synchronization

  • Will not affect cam timing or bow let-off

  • Reverse technology supports arrow 5 times longer

  • Prolonged arrow contact and mechanical drop away produces better groups

  • Easier setup and tuning

  • Extremely quiet - no metal to metal contact

  • Shot after shot reliability

  • Precision micro-windage and elevation adjustment