Frabill Power Source Box 10AH

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Even outdoors, people often carry a range of electronic devices, all of which require power. Whether they`re off for a weekend at a remote camp, out on the ice or just a day on the water, anglers need a way to keep these devices charged. Frabill`s new Pow`R Source makes it easier than ever to keep cell phones, bluetooth speakers or other electronic equipment powered up and ready for action. Frabill`s new Pow`R Source 12V 10AH allows you to recharge or power devices and accessories in a compact, powerful, easy-to-use package. The Pow`r Source is a water-resistant, lightweight and extremely portable source for supplying power to any outdoor setting. The heart of the Pow`R Source is a lightweight 12 Volt 10AH lithium battery with an easy-to-read illuminated power gauge that lets the user know how much life their battery has left. A built-in charger with included cable lets users recharge the Pow`R Source from any 110v household outlet. When power is needed, anglers have access to charge most any device through dual USB ports, spade/lug connectors or a 12V cigarette lighter power outlet adaptor. Additionally, when anglers need a little extra light, they can choose between a dual setting white or red flashlight

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