FOXPRO Wildfire 2 Game Call

FOXPRO Wildfire 2 Game Call
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The FOXPRO WILDFIRE 2 gives you a lot of bang for your buck with a compact design, 35 high-quality FOXPRO sounds, and a remote control with FOXBANG technology.

The WILDFIRE 2 weighs in at only 1.5 pounds with batteries. This unit offers maximum portability with great volume and sound quality. Connect an external speaker to the jack on the side of the unit for even more volume.

The included remote allows you to change sounds, control the volume level, mute or pause the sound, has two custom sound presets, auxiliary button, recall button and much more!

All of these features in a compact, high-quality unit makes the WILDFIRE 2 an incredible value. The WILDFIRE 2 is backed by a 3 year limited warranty and FOXPRO's unmatched customer support and is proudly made in the USA.

Integrated USB Port Allows you to connect your caller to a home PC for reprogramming!
FOXBANG With FOXBANG activated the caller automatically switches to your preset #1 after discharging your firearm. This allows for hands free sound changing operation to help keep your eyes focused on the field where it counts.
External Speaker Jack for connecting an additional speaker to the WILDFIRE for more volume.
Internal Speaker "On/Off" Switch allows you to turn your internal speaker on or off.
Pilot Lamp/Low Battery Indicator glows green while on, blinks when batteries are getting low.
Tripod Mount located on the bottom of the unit.
Made in the USA!