Banded Black Label 2.0 Elite Breathable Insulated Bootfoot Chest Waders, 1600-gram

BANDED B1100031

The best hunts happen in the worst weather. That's why you need the comfort, protection and convenience of Banded® Black Label 2.0 Elite Waders. Special SHEDSTM (Super Hydrophobic Evaporative Development System) fabric keeps water out while breathing much better than neoprene. Plus, HARSTM insulation adds warmth without unnecessary bulk. And if you're breaking ice on the way to your spot, effective insulation is critical. But don't worry…with a comfort rating of -10° to +50°F, Black Label 2.0 Elite Waders aren't JUST for nasty weather.

Elite 2.0 Waders go beyond Banded's standard 2.0 Waders with a number of premium features for the demanding hunter. First and foremost, they come with a new, removable over-the-boot protective pant with the RZ-CLINCHFIT Strap System. The pant connects with the built-in belt, eliminating stitching to the waterproof membrane and enhancing comfort. They also feature GO-FLATSEAM assembly with single-stitch design that provides an ultra-smooth, lay-flat surface to secure the waterproof tape while reducing stitch count. Fewer stitches, fewer points of failure.

The Elite Wader also features an integrated LED lighting system for those dark, early-morning treks. Last but not least, they feature the upgraded RZ-TRACTION boot with deep-fluted traction pattern for exceptional grip. Banded Black Label Elite 2.0 Waders are fully equipped for success and comfort in the worst conditions.


  • GO3-LAYER fabric construction is lightweight and provides superior durability and performance
  • GO-FLATSEAM assembly with single-stitch design provides an ultra-smooth, lay-flat surface
  • SHEDS 100% waterproof/breathable technology keeps water out while allowing vapor to escape
  • HARS Heat-Absorbing Retention System insulation in the body provides effective warmth for the coldest hunts
  • Over-the-boot protective pant with RZ-CLINCHFIT Strap System: pant connects with a built-in belt, eliminating stitching in the waterproof membrane
  • Integrated LED light system in the chest pocket provides always-ready illumination for early morning darkness (uses (3) AA batteries, not included)
  • Seamless arc-welded chest pockets for dry storage
  • Fleece-lined hand-warmer chest pocket
  • 900D reinforced knees for max durability
  • Adjustable suspenders and belt for fit
  • Internal flip-up device pocket allows touchscreen use while enclosed
  • 6 easy-grab shell loops on chest perfectly angled for natural arm rotation


  • RZ-TRACTION boot is anatomically molded to match foot movement with a unique deep-fluted traction pattern that grips, flexes and responds for maximum traction and stability
  • 1,600-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation for serious warmth

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