Rocky Grizzly Waterproof 200G Insualted Outdoor Boot

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Rocky Grizzly - The Rocky Grizzly in brown leather is a great extension of a tradition rich in rugged innovation. When you choose a hunting boot we know you're often looking to offer your feet a reliable beast of a boot. That doesn't mean you need to sacrifice the comfort of walking on a bear hide rug though. With 200 grams of insulation and our 1-year guaranteed Rocky VP breathable waterproof membrane you can be certain that you'll be comfortable in even the toughest conditions. The new Grizzly offers just that, resilient and capable in even the deepest of woods, yet built upon a tri-density outsole that provides the ultimate comfort-underfoot. The aggressive rubber outsole provides you with the sure-of-foot traction and stability that you crave, the lower midsole provides a cushion rebound effect as it absorbs shock from contact with ground surfaces while the upper midsole provides your foot with an extra bed of comfort absorbing foot contact and ensuring energy preservation and lasting comfort throughout the day. Choose the Grizzly if you're prepared to be the dominant predator in your woods this season.

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