Flambeau Ice Large Swing Leaf Box

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Flambeau Ice Large Swing Leaf Box
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Flambeau Ice's Waterproof Jig Boxes are truly the best jig storage systems available on the market today. Each precision jig box feature a 360 degree rubber gasket, a front cam locking system and external rubber bumpers to protect your investments. This SL features our patent pending Vertical Friction Foam (VFF) technology consisting of rows of vertically slit foam that securely holds jig and hooks between the pads using friction without allowing the hook to pierce the foam. The removable swing leaf triples the storage available.
Size 6.24 x 3.75 x 1.875 Highly visible rugged waterproof boxes will be hard to loose on the ice or on the river bank. 360 Degree waterproof gasket.