Hareline Dubbin Uv2 Fusion Egg Beads

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Spirit River's patented UV2 egg beads will attract fish from far away! Try lighting them up under a UV light and quickly see what we mean. Each bead is hand-made with a fusion of color.

UV2 Fusion Egg Beads are the next generation of egg beads - they look one color in natural light and another under UV light. They have proven effective fished individually, mixed with yarn, melted to a hook shank or pegged.

They use a double dye process to give all their unique UV2 materials the added UVF/UVR ultraviolet wave lengths. UVF is the fluorescent wavelength. Fish can see this spectrum in brighter colors than we see. This allows fish to see flies at a much greater distance, even in varying light and water conditions.

UVR or Ultra Violet Reflectance, is a UV light that cannot be readily seen with the human eye in some wavelengths, but it can be seen by most insects and animals.

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Lure Size8 MM
BrandHareline Dubbin
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