Riviera Swiveling Rod Tower - 5 RH

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Riviera’s SRT is available in 3, 4, 5 (shown) or 6 rod versions. The SRT’s can be used in port
or starboard applications.
Every rod holder is adjustable in 15 degree increments by alternating the 2 indexing discs
(more details on back side).
The SRT tower swivels and will lock into position at every 90 degrees . The SRT is also
removable from the base by simply pulling out the spring loaded pin and lifting, a 2 second
job. The base is connected to the mounting plate by 4 – 5/16” thumb screws and can be
easily removed if desired.
The mounting plate, base, tower tube and rod holders are all powder coated aluminum. The
indexing brackets are made of high impact Lexan, the same material used in bulletproof
glass. The rod holders and indexing brackets have been tested to 250# of pressure with
NO effect to either so feel good about putting your rods in them.
A track adapter is also available for those utilizing tracks on their boats (SRT TA).
Each rod holder is supplied with 2 indexing discs. One is marked 15 and one is marked 30.
The 1st set of holes on the 15 disc is 15 degrees from vertical on the tower tube. The 2nd set
of holes is 45 degrees from vertical on the tower tube. The 3rd set of holes is 75 degrees
(seldom used) from vertical on the tower tube. These are the only 3 usable positions on the
15 indexing disc.
The holes on the 30 disc start at vertical on the tower tube or 0 degree, the 2nd set of
holes is for a 30 degree angle, the 3rd set is for a 60 degree angle and the 4th set could be
used for a 90 degree angle (seldom used).
By switching the indexing discs from side to side, it is possible to have any angle from 0 degrees (vertical) to 90
degrees (horizontal) in 15 degree increments making it possible to set the rods to any usable angle that is desired.
The normal set up from the factory will have the rod holder angles set at (starting from the top down) 15, 30, 45,
and 60 degrees on the transom side of the tower. This allows for a good separation on the rod tips. The 5
th and 6th
rod holder would be set at 0 degrees (vertical) on the opposite side and can be adjusted to any desired angle. The
number of rod holders supplied will depend on the model of the SRT purchased.
Always be sure that the SRT is tightly secured to the vessel, that the tower is locked into the base, that
all rod holders are tightly secured onto tower and that all rods are properly seated into each rod holder.
The 75 and 90 degree angles are NOT recommended for normal use. You use this product at your own risk
and Riviera will not be liable for improper use and/or loss of any equipment used in conjunction with this

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