Jenlis Weed Razer Pro Lake & Pond Weed Cutter

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Designed to control and remove lake weeds, the WeedRazer Pro™ is the most popular version of  Weed Razer aquatic weed cutters. It has the same weed-slicing performance as the original; this easy-to-use cutting tool features stainless-steel blades that adjust to seven different angles to cut through tough underwater weeds. It effectively clears a path through the water from 30 to 62 inches and collapses for compact storage. Multiple blade positions allow optimal weed-cutting performance with all types of aquatic vegetation and densities. The WeedRazer Pro™ comes fully assembled. Just snap the handle together and go.

The Weed Razer Pro’s adjustability provides the flexibility required for tight areas (like small ponds or around lake docks) or maximum productivity by cutting an area 25% larger with each throw than the original Weed Razer. Plus it features a floating rope that gives this weed-cutting tool a reach of up to 30 feet. Weighing only nine pounds, the WeedRazer Pro™ is environmentally friendly and can be used easily and safely in shallow or deep water.

The Weed Razer Pro includes lock-in-place blade covers that are easy to install for maximum safety while not in use and a floating rope that can reach aquatic weeds up to 30 feet in all directions from one location. The WeedRazer Pro™ is environmentally friendly and can be used quickly, easily and safely to remove underwater weeds in ponds and lakes. Tip: Use the Weed Raker to remove weed fragments after cutting underwater plants.

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