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Eagle Claw's Starfire X Trolling Series: A Legacy Reimagined for Modern Angling

The Eagle Claw Starfire X Trolling series stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to evolution and excellence. Since its inception in 1978, Starfire rods have been a reliable choice for big water trolling enthusiasts. The new Starfire X series, developed with insights from legendary anglers Mark and Jake Romanack and the Eagle Claw team, offers enhanced features for today's angling techniques.

Notable Contributions:

  • Expert Collaboration: Input from the Romanacks, hosts of Fishing 411 and developers of the Precision Trolling Data App, has been instrumental in the series' evolution.
  • Focus on Modern Techniques: Each rod in the series is designed with specific trolling techniques in mind, ensuring precision and efficiency for anglers.

Series Highlights:

  • SFXB86MMFT (Bottom Bouncer): Designed for 1–4-ounce bottom bouncers, featuring a moderate action and soft tip for optimal bite detection. Its telescopic design offers easy storage.

  • SFXP76MHMFT (In-Line Planer Board for Walleye): A perfect balance of a forgiving tip and sturdy backbone, suited for walleye trolling with in-line planer boards. The 7’-6” length provides reach and maneuverability.

  • SFXP86MMFT (In-Line Planer Board for Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye): Ideal for segmented lead core fishing, offering a longer and more forgiving action, versatile for general-purpose trolling.

  • SFXD8MM2 (Downrigger): A slow action rod with enough strength to handle challenging catches. Suitable for targeting a variety of species using downriggers, designed for 10–25-pound test lines.

  • SFXDL9MHMST (Diver Rod): An innovative telescopic diver rod, accommodating standard and magnum-sized diving planers and lead core. Features heavy-duty stainless steel guides, also suitable for trolling copper wire.

Model Type Length Application Action
SFXB86MMFT Bottom Bouncer 8'6" Bottom Bouncers (1–4 oz) Moderate
SFXP76MHMFT In-Line Planer Board (Walleye) 7'6" Walleye Trolling Moderate Heavy
SFXP86MMFT In-Line Planer Board (Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Walleye) 8'6" Segmented Lead Core Fishing Moderate
SFXD8MM2 Downrigger 8' Downrigging for Various Species Slow
SFXDL9MHMST Diver Rod 9' Diving Planers and Lead Core Moderate Slow
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