Kalins Tickle Shad (8 Pack)

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Kalin's Tickle Shad Soft Bait and its appendage-tipped thin ribs that vibrate and pulsate as you change retrieval speeds is an exciting member of this series of soft baits in two sizes for walleye, bass, and other game fish. Don't miss out on this chance to put this trembling soft bait on your hook! The extended ribs form a shad profile and create hyper-realistic movement and action on the drop. Even on the bottom, as you employ a deadsticking approach, the Tickle Shad continues to vibrate with any water movement.


You're familiar with a paddle tail, and one on the skeletal shad profile pounds out underwater signals. Remember to change speeds as you reel in the Tickle Shad, and its tail will generate a wide swim path to enhance the fish-catching action of those exposed ribs. Bright colors generate the flash as you work the bait to your delight. Fish with your buddies, and you'll be the one with the last laugh as you reel in catch after catch using Kalin's Tickle Shad Soft Bait!


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Lure Size3.8"
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