Fin-tech The Nuckle Ball® Original Jigs

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Nuckle Ball® Jig

The Nuckle Ball Jig is the choice jig of touring pro fisherman and avid fisherman that demand quality.

The Nuckle Ball Jig is superior over other jig designs and is the industry’s most advanced premium jig design, compatible with any presentation.

By design, the eyelet is strategically placed at the jig’s balance point. The revolutionary “head under” design allows for a 100% open hook gap for awesome hook-sets.

It stands up relentlessly on the bottom to minimize snags & keeps the bait upright for a natural presentation. The jig hands horizontal when suspended or on a swimming retrieve, along with a great “teeter totter” action when vertical jigging.

The Nuckle Ball Jig is the ultimate swim, drag, twitch, skip, flip, rip it up jig. Also a great ice fishing jig! Check out the Jitt ‘R’ Jig!

The Nuckle Ball Jig line up has three color families.

The first being our original line up that includes the 2-Tone and Solid colors. The original, proven walleye-catching machine. With it’s balanced head and snag free design it offers incredible natural presentations.

The Nite-Lite is the GLOW series of the Nuckle Ball Jig. Fish this jig around the clock, deep or stained water. This is the hottest ice fishing jig on the market!

The Day-Brite has a highly reflective super metallic finish. Applications include stained, deep water or high visibility attractor jig. Available in 7 HOT colors.

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