FishLab Tackle Bio-Gill Glide Bait

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The FishLab Bio-Gill Hard Glide Bait is the perfect mimic for a key Bass food source! Designed with vivid and realistic forage matching color patterns, this lure will fool those trophy Bass into striking! The design of the Bio-Gill Glide Bait allows it to be used in a retrieve with pauses and light rod twitches to simulate an erratic side to side dive. The wide glide and side to side darting action will easily fool larger gamefish into thinking they got an easy meal! FishLab outfitted this hard bait with VMC treble hooks and heavy-duty split rings, ensuring its ready to hold up to hard hits! Keep your nets ready because the FishLab Bio-Gill Hard Glide Bait will have the predators swarming to you!

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Lure Size4"
BrandFishLab Tackle
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