Sunline Troll FC Fluorocarbon Line - Clear - 16 LB. 1000 Yards

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Sunline is launching a new fluorocarbon line in 2020 for the big water trolling market. Troll FC is a first of its kind, 100% fluorocarbon line designed specifically for trolling. Traditionally, anglers have only used nylon lines for trolling, but with the rising popularity of fluorocarbon and the demand from anglers wanting to utilize fluorocarbon in trolling techniques, Sunline has developed Troll FC. It features slightly more stretch than standard fluorocarbon to increase hook up and landing ratios with trolled baits while providing the improved abrasion resistance and higher sensitivity of fluorocarbon. Sunline's Plasma Rise technology makes the line more abrasion resistant and slicker than traditional fluorocarbons for less resistance in the water. Troll FC is being offered in a 1000 YD spool. The line diameter is 0.013, which is 16 LB test equivalent for Sunline. The 0.013 size is the standard diameter used by anglers in conjunction with diving charts.
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Size16 LB. 1000 Yards
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