Fishing Lights SuperBrite 4800-C

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The SuperBrite 4800-C LED Underwater Fishing Light by AlumiGlo is the direct LED replacement for our Magnum halogen light.  This 14″ all aluminum light utilizes our 4-sided, 360-degree, patented design which consists of (192) High Intensity Green LEDs.  The SuperBrite 4800-C fishing light is 14″ long and produces 4800 lumens of GREEN light which will attract fish in both freshwater and saltwater. With its durable aluminum design, this LED underwater fishing light out-performs and outlasts less expensive lights that use glass and plastic in their design.  Our SuperBrite 4800-C is internally weighted and requires no additional weight to sink.  Its low 4-amp power draw makes it a perfect light for an all-night fishing or shrimping trip. Simply hang the light over the side of your boat suspended 2′ to 3′ below the surface and connect the battery clips or cigarette plug to your 12VDC battery.  Light comes with BOTH Battery Clips and Cigarette Plug.  For Underwater Use Only!


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