Fish or Cut Bait Card Game

Fish or Cut Bait Card Game
Manufacturer: University Games

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"Fishing fanatics find this dice game a keeper.

Roll the dice, build your fishin' rig, and reel in a whopper of a catch!

Gather a crew of fishermen and fisherwomen. See who's the best aquatic hunter of all! First make your ""fishin rigs"" by rolling the dice. Roll for a pole, lure, bobber, and boat. If you're lucky, you'll earn all four!

Now the good part: Roll the three fish dice as fast as you can, and hook as many fish as possible.

But watch out! If you roll a SNAG, your rig will break. Then, you'll have to start all over again, without any extra time!

After eight rounds, count up all of your fish. The player with the biggest bucket wins!

Add a splash of fishing fun to ordinary days with Fish or Cut Bait!

Fish or Cut Bait
A fast-paced dice game, build rigs and catch fish!
Encourages lighthearted interaction, fast reaction time
An adrenaline-filled game, an instant group favorite
Roll dice to a build rig then catch fish
Includes 7 game dice, 45-second timer, snag-free chip, score pad
Detailed rules and instructions included
For 2 or more players
Dice made of strong, durable wood "