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Farm & Home Pubishers
Started in 1981 Farm and Home Publishers quickly became the largest rural directory service of its kind. There had been and still are a few companies that produced plat books but what FHP created was NOT just a plat book but a full rural directory. The FHP rural directory would not only have the landowner information but would also show and list out the rural household information as well. The book would also be mailed out for free to every rural household in the county on an every year basis. Adding the directory and mailing it out for free every year meant that FHP would have a much greater production cost. However the leadership felt that bringing this service to the rural market in this way would help to ingrain it with the rural audience, which would also mean that more local businesses would want to support the book, and in doing so their rural community as well. A focus on serving the rural community has helped to solidify Farm and Home Publishers as the leading rural directory company in America. Moving forward FHP will continue to expand, innovate, and improve in any way it can to insure the long term confidence of it's customers and the people that make this great company happen on a daily basis.
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