Evolved Habitats Raddish Pro Plot Mixer 1 LB.

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Plot Mixers® premium food plot additives are now powered by ProGro™ Biostimulant. This proprietary seed coating yields stronger, healthier plants. Further enhanced by added nutritional benefits and the attracting power of radishes, Radish Pro™ is the difference between a good food plot, and a great one. Radishes are incredibly nutritious and extremely palatable to deer. Application is simple; plant on its own at a personal hunting spot or add to 2-10 pounds of your favorite plot blend.

  • ProGro™ Biostimulant Seed Coating
  • Premium food additive
  • Adds nutrition to food plot blends
  • Enhances palatability
  • Easy application
  • Radish taste deer love
  • Needs yearly re-planting


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