Evolve Nervous Walker Frog 2-1/2"

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Evolve Nervous Walker Frog 2-1/2"

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The Evolve Nervous Walker Frog features a durable soft plastic body that collapses easily for solid hooksets yet can also withstand aggressive strikes. Engineered to be as close to natural amphibian prey as possible, Evolve's designers study the habits of both predators and prey to develop baits that will trigger strikes - even in heavily pressured habitats. The belly of the Nervous Walker Frog features incredible detail to trigger mature, intelligent fish, and it also comes equipped with internal beads for added sound. Available in a variety of realistic color combinations and equipped with an incredibly sharp, Japanese engineered, double frog hook, the Evolve Nervous Walker Frog delivers a superb walking action and the wherewithal to land those big frog fish.