Dreamweaver 11" Paddle Flasher

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Dreamweaver 11" Paddle Flasher

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In the beginning, dodgers and squids ruled the Great Lakes for Big Kings, but technology has evolved, relegating the dodger / squid an Old School technique. Great Lakes Anglers knew dodgers and traditional rotators could be effective, but were reluctant to use them because They didn't play well with others! Dodgers run best at speeds that kill the action of other lures. With over 35 years of history and experience to draw on, Team Dreamweaver went back to the future to update this fish catching rig. Now speed tolerant, the Classic Paddle can be effectively fished with your normal spread. And if Going Deep is your plan, the Classic Paddle should be your first weapon to deploy. The highly effective action is not dependent on the weight of the paddle, allowing for nominal resistance. The Classic Paddle is the revitalized grandfather of attractors and has allowed Great Lakes Anglers to bring old school into the present.