Deco Breeze Relaxation 3-Wick Glass Candle

Deco Breeze Relaxation 3-Wick Glass Candle
Manufacturer: Deco Breeze

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Relaxation Scent
4.5" Diameter x 3.5" Height
Approximate Burn Time: 120 Hours
Part of our Naturals Collection, the Relaxation 3 Wick Brick offers an irresistible aroma and beautiful color palette. Its fragrance will calm your soul, while its various shades of rose and pink provide visual excitement. The clear glass container is ringed with a cord from which several berries hang, adding to its decorative charm.

The Relaxation 3 Wick Glass features the fragrance of Ripe Pomelo, Zesty Tangerine and Wild Jasmine, with mild undertones of sweet and fruity Strawberries and a kiss of Vanilla finish. This candle will make a welcome addition to any home, providing both visual and aromatic stimulation. Purchase one for yourself or treat someone else with this very special gift.