Deco Breeze Kitty Decorative Cat Fan

Deco Breeze Kitty Decorative Cat Fan
Manufacturer: Deco Breeze

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2 Speed Motor
12.5" Tall x 16" Wide
No Assembly Required
Looking for a cool Kitty to bring some killer style into your décor and some brazen breeziness into your life? If so, this felicitous feline can't be beat. From that ginger tabby fur (burnished steel to be precise!) to her inscrutable smile and adorable pearly paws, Kitty will leave her mark in any room of the house. This tabby's brand of cool is not just attitude—with a powerful two speed fan; she's fully functional as well.

Decorative cat fans make the purrrfect gifts for your cat crazy friends. Come on, admit it—Kitty's already clawed her way into your heart—so go ahead, slip her right into your cart.