Deco Breeze Dog Candle on Rope Holder

Deco Breeze Dog Candle on Rope Holder
Manufacturer: Deco Breeze

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Use with Candle on Rope (Not Included)
9.5 Wide x 7.5 Tall
This is man's best friend at his finest. You'll just about bark with joy when you add this whimsical Dog Figurine Holder to your décor. Truly a metal work of art, this pleasant pooch features floppy ears and a long tail. You'll certainly put it on a very short leash…but it's more than just a pretty face; it's also functional, serving as a fanciful holder for our popular Candle on Rope.

This dog provides a place for you to burn one candle, and showcase the other four that are part of each Candle on Rope. The featured candle will provide gentle illumination from its lofty perch on top of the dog's back, while the others hang gracefully, two by two, inside its body. When the top candle needs to be replaced, simply snip the rope from one of the hanging candles and promote it. Be sure to have plenty of Candle on Rope options available, so your dog is always full!