Deco Breeze Country Rooster Fan

Deco Breeze Country Rooster Fan
Manufacturer: Deco Breeze

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2 Speed Motor
22" Tall x 15" Wide
No Assembly Required
Cool down a hot kitchen or spice up a dull dining room with our clever Country Rooster figurine fan. Get a load of his king of the barnyard attitude, ruby red crest and brilliant faux feathers. This fabulous handcrafted fowl is guaranteed to rule your roost with a whimsical touch of farmyard chic and a two speed fan to boot. Boring is for the birds… the Country Rooster fan is the ultimate in witty yet functional rooster home decor.

Country Rooster makes a splendid house-cooling present and is sure to be a winner with the legions of rooster lovers everywhere. Give yourself something to crow about and add the Country rooster to your cart today.